Treatment on Saturday really worked. Went home and took a two-hour nap, and the agitation disappeared. Been pretty calm this week. Thanks.

– S. R.

You are so amazing. I felt much more solid and centered last night. Also, today I can tell a huge difference in diminished cravings.

— S. R.

Extraordinary! A true professional through and through.

– J. M.

Caring and compassionate.

— A. H.

I’ve been a patient of JoAnne since my TIA in April. She worked with me on balance and muscular development, including lower back pain. She was helping me and then I needed to have a kidney removed. After a few weeks, I went back to her and found her therapy was helping to alleviate some of the stress I was feeling. More recently, a new stressor developed relating to a family member who needed hospitalization. I was the only one who could help him and both my blood pressure and my anxiety level skyrocketed. After my first session with JoAnne after that event, I felt like a new man. The stress was gone, my body felt relaxed and now, two sessions later, I’m still feeling good and I intend to continue the treatments.

– R. D.

What a fantastic first experience in using Acupuncture as a healing tool. JoAnne is so receptive to what I need. Thank you. JoAnne is so positive and encouraging.

She is helping me heal in so many ways. Her Acupuncture sessions have been very dynamic in guiding my energy so I can heal myself.

— S. W.

I am a 42 year old woman who was experiencing fatigue, very low energy level, numb fingers, and generally feeling much older.

I was seeking help in these matters, but did not want to go through the traditional medical way. I was looking for a treatment that would be as chemical free as possible. Some family members have been undergoing acupuncture treatment for months, and have been very happy with their results, so I decided it would be worth my while to try it.

After seven weeks of treatment I no longer have numbness in my fingers – which had become increasingly more consistent – and my constant feeling of fatigue and sleepiness has greatly abated, leaving me more focused on what I am doing. I also found that after any physical activity, and even driving, I don’t feel as achy or stiff as I used to. In short, my body feels more fluid, agile. I don’t have to stand there for five minutes straightening out the kinks before I take another step.

I am delightfully surprised (and grateful!) by the results of my treatment. My general well-being, both physical and emotional, has increased tremendously.

– S. B.

I feel even better just an hour after my first visit! My neck can turn, the neck tension is dissolving, and I don’t feel tension in my shoulder area either. Thank you! I cannot wait for next week’s appointment.

— L. H.

Acupuncture has been life changing for me. It is easier to make decisions. The more focused I’ve become, the more goal-oriented I am. I’ve decided to go back to school, I’m out of the grey area, and
I see things clearly. The physical stuff – it’s amazing how it works. My menstrual cramps have dramatically decreased. My periods are regulated, which was never the case before. It has benefitted me in ways I never thought were possible. I’m used to being nervous about doing some things, and since getting acupuncture, I can do those same things without getting nervous – and they are so easy now.

— J. B.

JoAnne is very intuitive and she helps my whole body. I have her treat my insomnia and I leave feeling better emotionally and physically. It’s like I didn’t know I was so out of balance until I felt back in balance. Remarkable!

— E.B.

JoAnne is a very empathetic, experienced practitioner with genuine concern for her patients and is willing to share her extensive knowledge of Oriental Medicine. She is likable, witty and kind.
— O.M.

I came to JoAnne when I was very sick with digestive issues, back problems, anxiety and depression. She relieved my stomach & back issues and allieviated some of the depression and anxiety. I continue to see her and she continues to help with those issues. She is very compassionate & caring & listens very well. She does everything to help with your issues.

— K.H.

JoAnne is fantastic and a miracle worker in my book. Her acupuncture treatments really help me feel so much better in my body, mind and spirit. Earlier this year I had an serious eye issue and JoAnne applied Reiki to my eye and I feel that without her treatment my eye would not have healed as quickly as it did.
— M.R.

I dragged myself in for acupuncture at the end of last December. I was feeling terrible, suffering from horrible allergies. I couldn’t get out of bed. You did your pulse and tongue diagnosis and I received a series of treatments. I have strengthened my immune system. I survived spring allergy season without any problems & I expect to do the same this winter mold season. I credit you with my better health!

— L.R.

Omg JoAnne is so amazing! Very helpful and professional! Absolutely recommended!

– A. F.

A wonderful experience. JoAnne took great care to understand my concerns that brought me in and the concerns I wanted to address during the treatment. Used expert knowledge in making me comfortable. I highly recommend receiving cupping from her. Felt amazing.

— A.J.