Late Summer

Once summer has reached its height, the year’s cycle begins its inevitable decline into the season of late summer – the season of Earth.
– Neil Gumenick

On the Chinese calendar, there is a fifth season between Summer and Fall. Late Summer is the time of year when we reap our harvest and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The corresponding organs are stomach and spleen. The stomach digests, enabling the spleen to transform and transport the digested nutrients throughout the body. Emotionally, the energy of the spleen and the stomach provide us with the ability to digest thoughts and feelings. When these energies are impaired what can occur is worry or overthinking.

The Late Summer element – Earth – grounds and nourishes us. Our capacity to nurture and care for ourselves and others revitalizes during this season.

Earth Motivator

If the Spleen function becomes impaired, this 8th point on the channel reinvigorates Qi flow.

Abundant Splendor

When this point (the 40th point on the Stomach meridian) is used for “the spirit of the point” it enlivens the ability to recognize our true nature of abundance.

The chart below displays the correspondences of the five seasons:

FIVE ELEMENTS Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Seasons Spring Summer Late Summer Autumnn Winter
Zang/Yin Organs Liver Heart Spleen Lung Kidney
Fu/Yang Organs Gallbladder Small Intestine Stomach Large Intestine Bladder
Directions East South Middle West North
Tastes Sour Bitter Sweet Pungent Salty
Tissues Tendons Vessels Muscles Skin/Hair Bones
Colors Green Red Yellow White Blue/Black
Sense Organs Eye Tongue Mouth Nose Ear

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