Summer is the time to relax, have fun and connect with others. The essence of Summer is warmth, expressed in the climate and reflected in our emotions.

Fire is the element associated with the season. The heart, small intestine, pericardium and “triple heater” revitalize during this season, impacting communication, discernment and circulation.

Spirit Gate

The seventh acupuncture point on the Heart meridian brings stability and security to body, mind and spirit.

Inner Frontier Gate

The sixth point on the Pericardium meridian addresses the heartfelt searching of our inner world.

The chart below displays the correspondences of the five seasons:

FIVE ELEMENTSWoodFireEarthMetalWater
SeasonsSpringSummerLate SummerAutumnnWinter
Zang/Yin OrgansLiverHeartSpleenLungKidney
Fu/Yang OrgansGallbladderSmall IntestineStomachLarge IntestineBladder
Sense OrgansEyeTongueMouthNoseEar